wood dining table

A well-made wood dining table is one of the most important furniture pieces in your home. It’s where you’ll spend a lot of time, chatting with friends or family and sharing delicious meals day in and day out. A functional and stylish table is a great addition to your home, whether you have a formal dining room, small breakfast nook, or your kitchen table is the only sit-down area in your studio apartment.

A dining table is a gathering place and works as a focal point in any room. In addition to style, you’ll want to find a dining table or kitchen set that works in your space. You might love a specific style or look, but if a table is too big or small for your space, or there are not enough seats, then you’ll have a difficult time working it into your home. Joss & Main offers so many dining and kitchen tables to choose from, so you’ll want to start your search with something in mind. You can begin sorting through dining room table options first by focusing on the characteristics you care about most, starting with material, style, finish, or design.

Material is one of the most important elements when it comes to shopping for a new table. Although they’re made from different materials, dining tables all have the same basic design. Most dining and kitchen tables have a large flat surface where you can place food and drinks, which is supported by a base. Table legs make up the base for most dining tables. Depending on the type of dining table, you might have a single pedestal leg or four legs that support the table’s weight. Natural materials, like wood, glass, metal, and stone are the most frequently used tabletop materials.

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